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Still Life

Your still life pictures are stunning, very creative.
Jennifer Bartle


I'm really loving the theme/design of your website.
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New Pictures.

I so enjoyed the additions to your site. Loved all the black and white, Open sky over Essex, lovely. Also the blue butterfly on blue flowers. My favorite of all are the Organ pipes. Stunning!
Jennifer Bartle


Hi Tony I was directed here via a friends website, Andy carter. just wanted to say how Beautiful the pictures are!!
Peter Neal

guest book

Tony, thanks so much for your patience and eye for detail, the pictures you took for me make the new website! (see also Links page).
Clare Carter


We've just had a look at some of your photos. Looks great!


Brilliant photos!! You have a real talent Tony. The skys are amazing and the light and composition are excellent. You really deserve to get some work out of this.
Ann Tremayne

your gallery

So many stunning pictures, loved the winter scenes, greek islands, plants. Beautiful skies and lighting in many pictures.
Mary Bartle